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Today, 75% of buyers search the internet when beginning to search for listing. The days of low quality photos and flyers have come and gone. In order to sell her listings as efficiently as possible, Jaime employs a wide array of traditional and non-traditional marketing approaches.

From a state-of-the-art Search Engine Optimized web presence to  email newsletters, press releases, a blog, critical links, and even video marketing, Jaime understands that an effective marketing campaign is as multi-faceted as it is aggressive.

Jaime’s unique process distinguishes her from the vast array of real estate brokers, encouraging quick turnaround of listings through increased web traffic and searchability.

More traditional aspects of Jaime’s marketing strategy include print advertisements and direct marketing to specifically targeted households in the Austin and Central Texas area.

If one of Jaime’s competitors promises you a virtual tour and a print campaign, don’t settle for it. Contact Jaime today to learn about her superior approach to selling your property.

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Jaime employes a combination of the following techniques, among others, to maximize her marketing effort for each listing. This approach gets each listing wide-ranging exposure and also targets each listing toward niche markets depending on its unique qualities:

- Print Advertisement Campaigns
- Direct Mail Marketing
- Google Adwords Campaigns
- Search Engine Optimization
- Press Releases
- Blogs
- Direct Email Marketing
- Online Videos
- DVD distribution

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